Pedicures are a main staple in any beauty menu, we all like to have well-kept feet, however most attention is paid to choosing a colour to apply to your toenails not on the condition and health of the skin and feet.

Feet are neglected through the winter and are subjected to long periods in sandals through the summer, this causes an increase in peak plantar pressure. A study found that calluses can also increase pressure and subsequent treatment and removal of a callus can help to ease this pressure. (1)  Athletes or anybody who likes to take regular exercise are also at risk - Corn and callus formation is the skin's natural attempt to compensate for prolonged or excessive pressure, friction and other forms of local irritation by increasing its thickness at sites of excessive mechanical stress. (2)

With all this in mind, we want to offer our clients more and your standard file and paint! We use Footlogix which is the only Pediceutical product available in the world, to bring the highest standard of pedicure to our clients.

We also retail, homecare products so the results of treatment can be maintained.


(1) The Effect of Callus Removal on Dynamic Plantar Foot Pressures in Diabetic Patients
Authors: M.J. Young, P.R. Cavanagh, G. Thomas, M.M. Johnson, H. Murray, A.J.M. Boulton, Diabetic Medicine 1992
(2) Corns and calluses in athletes’ feet: a cause for concern, George Grouios, The Foot, 2004, 

Signature Footlogix Medipedi -

No Lacquer/Varnish (60 Mins) £50.00

+ Polish – (65 - 70 Mins) £55.00

+ Shellac – (80 Mins) £65.00

After a consultation and examination of the feet, the feet are soaked, the feet and lower leg is then gently exfoliated with footlogix seaweed scrub. A callus softener to help remove calluses or rough skin, nails are trimmed and cuticles tidied and the toenail is buffed and treated. Next a deeply hydrating footlogix mousse is applied to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, at this stage the treatment can be tailored to suit individual needs - very dry skin, cracked heels, antifungal, tired legs, rough skin etc....

The treatment is finally completed with a deeply relaxing foot and leg massage.

You can then choose to finish the pedicure with a choice polish if required.

Don't have time for a full pedicure?

Shellac Application - £35.00 (40Mins)

Please be aware this does not include a full pedicure, this is quick fix treatment - tidying the cuticles, trimming nails and applying Shellac colour.