What is Permanent Makeup? 

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is the art of implanting tiny particles of pigment beneath the surface of your skin as a means of rendering definition to eyebrows, eyes and lips.

The process is often referred to as micropigmentation or semi-permanent makeup, as the colour can fade gradually over time. The longevity of the results will depend on your age and skin type. The colours will need to be reapplied in a period of 12 to 18 months to refresh the existing look.

Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows:

Eyebrow tattooing and shaping can make a huge difference to your face. By creating the correct shape and style a great brow can help to frame your face, adding expression and warmth.

Lack of eyebrow hair is a common problem – the causes can occur from overzealous plucking, medical conditions, injury, the ageing process or simply our genetics. 

Using the Long-Time-Liner technique this treatment draws individual hairs into the skin, simulating hair strokes among your natural ones. This creates a natural looking permanent eyebrow enhancement with brows that are perfectly suited to you. The technique uses only natural, mineral-based and non-toxic hypoallergenic pigments.

This is the perfect treatment if you are tired of drawing on your eyebrows, suffer from lack of hair or gaps, or are simply 'wearing' the wrong shape brow.

 Price List:  

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

High Def Hairstroke Brows £495 (Includes 6 week follow up)

Gap in a Brow or Eyebrow Tail £325

Eyebrow Retouch - Up to 12 months from previous treatment £250

Eyebrow Retouch - Up to 2 years from previous treatment £325