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When Should I get a Sports/Deep Tissue Massage? 

Sports Massage is not just for athletes & sports people, anyone can benefit from a sports massage! We often also refer to this type of massage as deep tissue massage, as the aim is to work into the deeper layers of muscle, not just superficially. A common misconception is that a sports or deep tissue massage should be painful, it doesn't have to be, the main aim of the treatment is to aid recovery and give relief to overworked muscles. Although the massage therapist may sometimes find trigger points that are uncomfortable, they will always work with you to make sure you get the full benefit from the session. 

Sports and deep tissue massage should not leave you bruised or under the impression of "no pain, no gain", if the techniques are used correctly, the deepest layers of tissue can be targeted without causing huge amounts of pain!

General tension

Stressed/tired muscles

Pre/Post sports event

Improving flexibility and range of movement

In conjunction with Osteopathy Treatment

In conjunction with dry needling