Rehab, Prehab & Maintenance

Your body in balance

Diagnose Injury, Alleviate Pain, Enhance Performance, Strengthening & Maintain Wellbeing


Diagnosis Is key....

Early diagnosis of injury is always better than allowing chronic ongoing pain to manifest. Acute injuries are often easier and quicker to rehabilitate than chronic pain.

Our Osteopaths will be able to diagnose symptoms and create a treatment plan to first alleviate acute pain or injury.

What can we help with?


Prehab & Maintaining Wellbeing...

Regular preventative treatment not only maintains the results of a rehabilitated injury, it also helps to keep an overall feeling of wellbeing, increased mobility & reduced tension. Maintenance treatment may be osteopathic treatment, sports massage/soft tissue therapy or a combination of both depending on your treatment plan.  

"Prehab" (mainly sports massage) is a used for pre sporting event, you maybe running a marathon, competing in a triathlon, have a school sports event etc... a course of treatment in the months leading up to this can be beneficial to enhance performance and help to reduce injuries.

Sports Massage & Mobility stretching...


Maintaining long term health goals...

The most common question we are asked is "how can I stop this problem coming back?"

The answer is strengthening, more importantly the right kind of strengthening. We now offer our clients bespoke exercise rehabilitation courses that they complete weekly with us, to help manage and maintain remaining pain free.  

Exercise compliance is very low after injury but one of the most important...


Antenatal, Postnatal & Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation




TMJ Pain