6 Week Strengthening courses are now available

1 - 2 sessions per week, completed with us at the clinic for 6 weeks helping you to build a foundation of strength and rehabilitating injury, whether that's back pain, sports injury, neck pain, or a chronic injury.

Post-Injury Rehab

We are now offering exercise rehabilitation strengthening courses to further help our clients stay pain free. We offer bespoke exercise plans to help you build strength and reduce the risk of reoccurring injury. Strengthening the body is a key factor in maintaining long term musculoskeletal health.

This should be carefully coached to ensure a core level of strength with good exercise technique is achieved. This sounds simple, but we see many clients who have not been effectively coached in the past or have been prescribed the wrong exercise to suit the injury they are trying to rehab, resulting is aggravated symptoms or further injury.

Many clients also find it difficult to remember to do the exercises at home or don't find time to complete them effectively or to their entirety. If you really want to achieve your long term goal of stopping the injury reoccurring, there should be high priority placed on completing your course of treatment and this includes the aftercare plan.