Treatment Options: 

If you are looking for an overall lift, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation, we would recommend the following treatments or treatment courses: 

HIFU, this treatment has no downtime and is closest to a face-lift results without surgery. Normally only 1 treatment is needed, however occasionally a second follow up treatment is required after 3 months. We can combine this fantastic treatment with CACI to enhance results and with microneedling or a peel for skin texture. 

  • CACI Non Surgical - Lifting

CACI non surgical facelift gives the facial muscles lift and tone to achieve a lifted apperance. A course of 12 treatments is required to maximise the results, followed by monthly or twice monthly maintenance. Can be used in combination with Peels or microneedling. 

Skin Packages:

  • £261 per month 
  • 12 months Treatment Plan
  • Bespoke add-ons available 

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Facelift Package

12 months of treatment includes: 

HIFU - 1 treatment (Whole face and Neck) 

Skinpen - 3 Treatments (3 months apart) 

Neostrata Quick Peel - 6 (Every other month) 

CACI - 12 (Monthly) 

LED Light Therapy - 12 (Monthly)  

This package of treatment will give lift, tighten skin, work on skin structure and texture across a 12 month period. This is the only package we offer that combines a whole range of treatments to give a total skin rejuvenation option.  


 Lifting Package:  

12 month treatment course: 

  • Course of CACI (Full Face) - 12 (Initial Course - 6 weeks)