The Cobham Clinic is a multidisciplinary health and skin clinic that specialises in treating the whole body, injury, musculoskeletal health, wellbeing and skin. 

Osteopathy - Sports Injury - Sports Massage - Acupuncture - Exercise Rehabilitation  

Anti Ageing - Microneedling - CACI - Environ - Acne Treatments - Collagen Stimulation - Beauty Therapy 


Musculoskeletal Pain & Sports Injury 

Osteopathy, Sports Massage Acupuncture and Exercise rehab are used in conjunction to complete rehabilitation journey, starting with injury diagnosis and finishing with maintaining musculoskeletal health and longterm fitness goals.


Medispa & Skin 

It was once said that beautiful skin requires investment, not a miracle. This is wise advice, as we start to see signs of ageing as early as our 30s, there are plenty of things we can do to keep skin looking healthy and reduce signs of ageing. We only use results lead products & treatments that are minimally invasive to create a bespoke treatment to suit individual needs. 


Beauty Therapy 




Lash Tinting 

Lash Extensions 

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